Thank you for taking the next step on your digital-readiness journey! It’s no surprise that digital leaders typically outperform their peers in top-line growth and overall value creation. But what about your organization? Are you a digital leader or follower — or do you fall somewhere in between? 

IDEA — our proprietary digital assessment tool — compares your digital progress against industrial organizations in your sector and in a similar position to yours in the value chain. Answer a short series of questions, which should take only a few minutes to complete, and you’ll receive an instant personalized scorecard that shows you where your organization lands on the digital-readiness spectrum. It’s that simple.

Your personalized digital scorecard

After completing the assessment, you will immediately receive a scorecard that will allow you to benchmark, diagnose and accelerate your organization’s digital progress.

This customized scorecard includes a snapshot of your relative digital success vs. peers in the same industrial sector.

Sample customized scorecard

digital scorecard

It also shows your progress across nine digital capabilities vs. peers in a similar position within the value chain.

Sample progress report

digital score categories

In addition, we’ll show you what other industrial firms in a similar state or digital maturity have done to speed up their digital progress. These examples will help guide you through future steps on the path to accelerating your digital readiness.