Background and Challenge

A traditionally hardware-focused technology company sought to develop a go-to-market strategy targeting the market for acute-care intelligence and efficiency solutions in the U.S., the U.K. and China. The primary objectives of the engagement were to assess the current and potential HCIT use-case opportunities in key acute-care markets and to define optimal use cases with the strongest current utilization and greatest commercial potential opportunity for the organization.

Approach and Recommendations

L.E.K. collaborated with the solutions provider’s executive team to assess and prioritize current and potential use-case opportunities in the global acute-care market. Key elements included the following:

  • Detailed assessment of the current market landscape:
    • Clear view of hospital workflows and the key unmet needs within each
    • Common healthcare taxonomy for use across the organization
    • Map of the relevant healthcare ecosystem, including organizational structure, channel structure and partner vendors
  • Vision of the solutions-driven end state:
    • Insights derived from the voice of the customer to inform the product roadmap (i.e., provide the organization a view of how to grow and evolve their HCIT capabilities over time)
    • Robust set of use cases organized into solutions composed of device, software and service offerings to help the company “move up the food chain” beyond traditional device sales
    • Strategic gaps in the organization’s roadmap identified
  • High-level go-to-market strategy defined:
    • Optimized business case and business model
    • Prioritized list of strategic investments to facilitate healthcare partnerships and potentially fill gaps in the organization’s offerings


The organization was able to get up to speed quickly on the acute-care HCIT market, understand current and future high-potential use cases, and deploy a systematic framework for future product roadmap and go-to-market investments.

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