Background and challenge

Backfilling depleted quarries can be a highly profitable activity that requires low investment. However, many quarry operators place limited commercial emphasis on this activity, and many have yet to apply the value-based pricing practices that are commonplace in other areas of the waste management industry.

In this context, a leading quarry operator asked L.E.K. Consulting to help with the development of its strategy to maximize the value of its expansive network of quarries in France and to further expand its exposure to that activity.

Approach and recommendations

L.E.K. began by sizing, segmenting and analyzing the construction waste management market in France. We also reviewed key market and regulatory trends within the Grand Paris market and conducted a thorough mapping of the industry’s competitive environment.

L.E.K. investigated several business models available to the client that would help it expand its construction waste management business through inorganic growth. These included:

  1. Acquiring strong positions in the Grand Paris region through third-party disposal sites
  2. Entering the construction waste-trading business
  3. Entering the hazardous construction waste business 
  4. Developing concrete waste recycling 

The pros and cons of each business model — and of the available acquisition targets — were evaluated, as were any potential synergies that could be generated for the client.


The client benefited from a clear growth path in a highly profitable business and clear recommendations to develop its activities.

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