Background and Challenge

Critical business processes at a world leader in tissue-based diagnostic solutions had not evolved to handle the dramatic growth in the number of projects and customers. This created risks around the company’s ability to maintain a robust pipeline of new products. L.E.K. Consulting was engaged to create an organizational structure and processes that would maintain a strong pipeline of winning products in an efficient and effective manner, from development through commercialization.

Approach and Recommendations

After a detailed diagnosis of current organizational structure and processes, L.E.K. highlighted key issues and bottlenecks. We leveraged our knowledge of industry best practices along all dimensions, from process management to key roles and interdependencies. We also worked alongside the leadership team to clearly define roles and responsibilities, establish new critical roles, improve project management, improve support systems and create continuous improvement tools.


Based on L.E.K.’s work, our client had confidence to implement significant organizational and process changes within six months. The new organizational strategy improved R&D effectiveness and continues to drive a robust pipeline of new products.

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