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In this episode, L.E.K. Consulting’s health and wellness experts discuss their survey of 1,800 consumers, which they conducted to understand evolving trends in health and wellness, and the seven distinct consumer archetypes they identified. From the traditionalist to the trendspotter, these archetypes each have a different attitude, preference and spending pattern in health and wellness. Discover how consumers are incorporating digital solutions into their wellness routines and how brands and retailers can leverage this consumer research to better understand and cater to their customer base.

Key points/topics covered:

  • The shifting landscape of health and wellness, including expanded perspectives beyond just fitness and nutrition
  • The seven distinct consumer archetypes identified, such as traditionalists, health enthusiasts and trendspotters
  • The incorporation of digital solutions and fitness apps into health and wellness routines, and the influence of different archetypes on digital fitness content
  • The surge in the use of ingestible beauty products, particularly among millennials and women
  • The expansion of consumer definitions of healthy living to include recovery, good sleep habits and mental wellness, and the implications for brands and retailers in catering to different consumer archetypes

Interested in learning more? Read our Special Report, Health and Wellness: Who's Your Target Consumer?.

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