Operational Excellence


As the complexity and global scope of the healthcare landscape continue to increase, the operational challenges facing life sciences companies have intensified. New commercial models, outsourcing to low-cost countries, and increasingly complex and varied regulatory requirements across different markets are just a few of the challenges facing today’s innovators.

However, with increased pricing pressure and greater competition, it is more important than ever for life sciences companies to examine their organization and operations for opportunities to increase profitability, enhance capabilities and meet the growing demand for their products.

What we do

L.E.K. has experience across all aspects of life science and pharma operations, which enables us to provide practical strategies to drive operational excellence. While these solutions are customized for our clients, they are all designed to create sustainable, long-term value for our clients and the broader healthcare system.

  • Organizational design and commercial model: In order to succeed in today’s environment, your organizational structure and your commercial model must take advantage of your unique capabilities and assets, while also taking into account your stage of development and addressing the changing needs and behaviors of your customers. We have advised companies across all stages of development, helping them build out the infrastructure and processes required to win in today’s market.
  • Launch planning and management: A successful launch involves many moving parts across different functional areas. Moreover, you have only one chance to get it right. We can help you design the optimal commercialization strategy and manage every facet of your product’s launch. At every step, our Launch Planning Tool visualizes key actions and investments on a user-friendly dashboard that keeps management informed and in control.
  • Cost benchmarking and reduction: We can lean on decades of experience and proprietary data to help benchmark your spending across different areas of your business and identify opportunities for cost reduction and/or efficiency improvement. Once we identify these opportunity areas, we can help create practical plans to address any issues.
  • Performance measurement and improvement: Similar to our cost benchmarking, we have significant experience helping clients identify opportunity areas for performance improvement. Whether it’s R&D productivity, sales force effectiveness or performance in other areas, we can help you benchmark your operations, and then identify practical strategies to address any problem areas.
  • Innovation strategy: “Luck” may lead to the occasional success, but for consistent innovation, your company needs to institutionalize strategies, processes and procedures that turn good ideas into great assets. In a rapidly shifting healthcare landscape, institutionalized innovation has become urgent. Our systematized, evidence-based approach builds the architectures for innovation based on the unique needs of your institution.

Examples of our work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

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