Evidence shows that digital leaders — those who spearhead widespread adoption of digital solutions across their enterprises — outperform their peers in top-line growth and overall value creation.

These findings are especially critical for the healthcare industry, which is trailing behind in digital readiness when compared with other sectors.

Where do you fall? Is your organization leading the charge with digital adoption? Or do you need to refine your strategies to attain a clean bill of digital health?

Put your readiness to the test with the L.E.K. 2022 Global Digital Excellence Survey

To help you determine the state of your organization’s digital maturity, L.E.K. Consulting has built The Digital Excellence For Healthcare Tool. This tool provides an automated assessment of your foundational capabilities, your digital agenda and how you measure up against industry standards. It is based on a framework that reimagines your organization to reflect the opportunities created by digitalization. 

The underlying objectives of the Digital Excellence Framework include reorganizing your core functions, rebuilding operations and infrastructure, refocusing marketing and sales efforts, and reinventing business models ― all aimed at maximizing the digital impact of your organization.


How does the tool work?

We’ve identified nine digital capabilities within the Digital Excellence Framework that are fundamental for organizations looking to lead the healthcare and life sciences industries of tomorrow. Our tool asks two to three questions per capability to assess the digital health index of your organization. Capabilities assessed include:

  1. Digital vision and strategy
  2. Leadership, organization and governance
  3. New ways of working
  4. Digital operations
  5. Customer experience and digital services
  6. Digital infrastructure and enablers
  7. New business models and markets
  8. Digital go-to-market approach and data insights
  9. Ecosystems and partnerships

Your answers are scored on a five-point scale that reveals how established and sophisticated your capabilities are. Increasing numbers on the scale correspond to a higher degree of readiness:

  1. Traditionalist
  2. Novice
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced
  5. Champion

Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a personalized scorecard with recommendations for future steps based on your inputs.