Careers with the L.E.K. Capability Network

L.E.K. Capability Network logoEvery business leader encounters “moments of truth,” when they need clarity to act decisively. This is L.E.K.’s reason for existence. We partner with our clients to grasp opportunities, alter trajectories, and capture upsides at critical inflection points. How do we do it? By illuminating the pattern amid the confusion, broadening the possible with catalytic insights and inspiring the confidence that drives conviction. This is our commitment to our clients, and the L.E.K. Capability Network (LCN) is critical to meeting it.

What we do at L.E.K.

By joining the LCN, you will be embarking on a journey where the learning curve is as steep as your ambition. You will partner with high-performing L.E.K. teams on high-impact, strategic projects across a wide range of sectors and practice areas. You will work with colleagues from diverse geographies and backgrounds, serving clients around the world, all united by this common commitment. If the prospect of making a lasting difference to our project teams excites you, then the L.E.K. Capability Network is the perfect place to start, or sustain, a rewarding career in consulting.

What you’ll do

L.E.K. Capability Network job description

The L.E.K. Capability Network collaborates closely with consulting teams in L.E.K.’s worldwide network of offices, assisting them on their toughest assignments. With an average project length of four to six weeks, you will need to get up to speed quickly and be comfortable supporting multiple activity streams simultaneously.

A day in the life of an LCN analyst

Find out more about a typical day as an Analyst at the L.E.K. Capability Network by following Ritika, one of our Analyst team located in our Mumbai office.

A typical project might involve in-depth primary research to vet and select potential experts before holding discussions with them to hear their insights on a particular topic. It could involve rigorous secondary research to prove or disprove a client hypothesis, using the full arsenal of L.E.K. toolkits and databases. Or it could mean undertaking a critical analysis to substantiate a strategic decision. As well as conducting casework, you will work closely with L.E.K. Partners on business development work, which provides an opportunity to learn directly from the firm’s leadership.


As with other L.E.K. roles, we are committed to offering exciting opportunities, regular career progression, and increasing responsibility to those who demonstrate they are ready for it, as well as highly competitive compensation.

Professional development

L.E.K.’s approach to professional development is based on the conviction that the best way to achieve one’s full potential is by being surrounded with a diverse group of great people in a supportive working environment. LCN team members are fully integrated into L.E.K. project teams and therefore work directly with L.E.K.’s global network of offices. This will give you a highly accelerated learning curve, as well as significant international exposure.

Our world-class formal professional development program will provide you with the skills to succeed at L.E.K. and beyond. Training begins on day one of your employment, and you will receive regular training with your cohort throughout the year. Learning at L.E.K. is truly collaborative, fostering the sharing of both best practices and experiences. Finally, our established coaching and mentoring system will ensure you have best-in-class guidance and support on your professional development journey.

But of course, your most important training is gained on the job, and our program uniquely positions you for accelerated professional development. L.E.K teams are exposed to a wide range of industries and new business issues, so you will be continually challenged and acquire skills faster than your peers.

Interested in a career as part of one of L.E.K.’s consulting teams? We provide a path for LCN team members to transition to one of our global offices, based on performance and business requirements.

Who we hire

Like L.E.K.’s selection process for consulting roles, LCN’s hiring process begins with a shortlist of candidates, followed by a series of interview rounds that assess personal motivations, commercial logic, numerical reasoning and problem-solving ability.

Successful applicants will have taken part in at least one market sizing assessment to test numerical ability and one case study question to test commercial logic. More information on what is expected at the interview stage can be found here.

We look for a diverse mix of candidates with a variety of backgrounds and experience. But all candidates have two things in common: the drive to perform at their best and a thirst for continuous learning and improvement.

If you are an undergraduate or master’s degree student, we will begin campus hiring in Summer 2022.

If you are an experienced professional, we run recruitment events year-round. Your experience will help inform which role you would be most suited to.


Meet some of our team


Meet some of our analysts

Hear from our team members about their experience working at the LCN. They cover everything from their favourite cases to the culture of the team. Continue watching for further context on what to expect on your journey at the LCN.

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