New Logo and Identity System Designed to Reflect Why Business Leaders Turn to L.E.K. – for Strategic Insights at Critical Moments When the Right Decision Will Define Future Success

L.E.K. Brand LogoBoston (Mar. 16, 2022) – L.E.K. Consulting, the global strategy consultancy, has launched a new look for its logo, materials and website designed to better represent and express L.E.K.’s unique role driving impact for businesses and their leaders. 

L.E.K. focuses squarely on providing important strategic insights and support at clients’ critical junctures and inflection points – when smart decisions by leaders at the right moment can change the trajectory of the business.

“We are delighted to adopt a brand identity system that, we believe, truly captures the role L.E.K. plays for a growing number of companies around the world. Because of the accelerated pace and magnitude of change, businesses are facing more frequent critical turning points at which decision-making is urgent and consequential. In those moments, the potential to capture value and create a sustainable strategic advantage is significant. L.E.K. is there for business leaders at these times, which we call 'L.E.K. moments.’  Our new look – our face to the world, so to speak – signals our distinctive role,” said Clay Heskett, Global Managing Partner at L.E.K.

“The new logo reflects the essential L.E.K. identity and our approach to solving our clients’ greatest strategic needs,” said Ed Keller, Chief Marketing Officer at L.E.K. “The vertical stroke of the “K” represents L.E.K.’s strategic intervention that meets clients’ challenges, while the green arrow portrays our focus and impact at clients’ key moments. The final angles of the “K” symbolize the amplified value clients experience following an L.E.K. engagement.”

L.E.K. collaborated with Monigle on the brand identity initiative. The logo and related assets are being rolled out at L.E.K. throughout the first quarter of 2022.

About L.E.K.
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