London-Based Partner Will Lead Firm’s Sustainability Centre of Excellence, Take Charge of Climate Initiatives

LONDON (Nov. 22, 2021) — Global strategy consulting firm L.E.K. Consulting has named John Goddard to the position of Vice Chair, Sustainability.

In the newly created position, Goddard, one of the firm’s most senior partners based in London who has served in multiple leadership roles, will lead the firm’s sustainability initiatives and head the L.E.K. Sustainability Centre of Excellence. The Centre, launched in July, draws together expertise, best practices and strategic insights from the firm’s practices and geographies to support organizations as they work to meet the challenges of — and identify opportunities related to – climate change and the broader sustainability agenda.

Goddard was instrumental in the Centre’s launch and is a founding member of its Executive Board. He has served on L.E.K.’s Development and Leadership Committees and on the Global Leadership Team. He also served as the firm’s first Region Head of Europe. Goddard is a frequent commentator on sustainability challenges and opportunities in business, and most recently was a coauthor of Sustainability: Six Big Themes From the Boardroom.

“Climate change and resource consumption affect all of society and the totality of a business organization,” said Clay Heskett, L.E.K.’s Global Managing Partner. “Businesses face increasing regulatory and stakeholder pressure and must manage the inherent risks of climate and unsustainable production and consumption. Decisions about sustainability permeate every aspect of strategy and operations. John Goddard has been a force for the firm for more than 25 years and has galvanized our climate initiatives, and in his new position will bring L.E.K.’s full resources to bear on this most pressing of client needs.”

“Climate and broader sustainability issues are an increasingly urgent elements of our clients’ agendas,” Goddard said. “Leading organizations are putting sustainability at the heart of strategy and value creation. They must think effectively about the impact of sustainability on growth and resource allocation, their roadmap to net zero and how to present sustainability strategies effectively to the capital markets.”

Centre harnesses L.E.K.’s global sustainability capabilities and brings them to bear for clients

The Centre combines the talents and insights of L.E.K. partners and outside experts from practice areas including energy, industrials, life sciences, transportation and consumer. It brings to bear analytics and proprietary research focused on key sustainability themes and emerging trends. Through the Centre, L.E.K.’s consultants work with leaders and investors to identify the central elements of sustainability strategy, areas of operational focus, and sources of competitive advantage.

“Organizations are asking, ‘How do we become a more sustainable business and reach our goals?” Goddard said. “The answer is in the strategic choices and operational details. If you look at it from a full organization perspective, there will be significant opportunities, real benefits and its absolutely the right thing to do.”

L.E.K. advances its climate commitment through net zero carbon pledge

L.E.K. is moving quickly to address climate and sustainability within the firm itself. In July the firm pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. L.E.K. has been carbon neutral since 2008. L.E.K. was recently awarded CarbonNeutral certification for its adherence to The CarbonNeutral Protocol, a rigorous and transparent framework for carbon neutral action.

“In the past there has been a tendency to consider sustainability initiatives as a project to enhance reputation,” Goddard said. “But leaders now understand the benefit of making sustainability central to strategy, operations and value creation.”

“L.E.K.’s mission is to support clients’ most critical strategic decisions, and there are few issues more critical to society and business success than those that bear on climate and sustainability,” Heskett said.

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