In this special report, L.E.K. has partnered with Manufacturing Australia to examine the opportunities and hurdles facing Australian manufacturing in the global transition to a low emissions economy.

Australia has significant opportunities to create and retain high-quality jobs, grow its manufacturing sector and re-shore capabilities lost to imports through a carefully managed transition to low emissions manufacturing.

But there are also risks that Australia could lose the very manufacturing capabilities it needs to thrive in a low emissions world if the transition is not handled well.

Low emissions manufacturing is particularly important in an Australian context. Several of Australia’s globally competitive industries and supply chains are emissions or energy intensive. Carefully transitioning these capabilities to low emissions technologies will be necessary to maintain balance in the Australian economy as it pursues net zero emissions by 2050.

This special report highlights the economic, social and strategic importance of Australia’s manufacturing capabilities, and makes the case that retaining and growing manufacturing capabilities, even as Australia reduces emissions, is fundamentally in the national interest.

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