Today there are over 300 separate transit smart card systems in place across the globe. Out of the world’s top 20 public transit networks by ridership, only Cairo’s does not currently have a similar system in place.

This paper explores a ticketing option that does not involve pre-loading or locking funds onto one particular transit network or city-specific transit system is called pay-as-you-go (PAYG) open-loop. In a PAYG open-loop system, transit fare payments are made via contactless payment cards or enabled mobile devices. Because they use existing payment technology, open-loop systems are globally interoperable. Customers can access transit services using their preferred contactless payment method, manage their funds with their preferred bank and enjoy added convenience, avoiding queues and the need to find a retailer or ticket office to acquire or top up a smart card.

Read the Transport for London case study for open-loop contactless payments and how it has transformed customer experiences and transit services.

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