Edition 8 hospital survey
Executive summary
highest level of concern
view on a potential second wave of COVID-19
pre-COVID-19 levels
key supply factors
COVID-19 testing availability
elective/semi-elective procedural categories
Demand for elective procedures
impact on hospital
Executive summary
material change
strategic and operational changes
manufacturers evolve
leveraging telehealth
COVID-19 Hospital Survey team

Survey results: Week of May 15 - May 21, 2020

Edition 8 of L.E.K. Consulting’s survey continues to track key areas of concern and actions U.S. hospitals are taking in response to the impact caused by COVID-19. This week’s survey includes new questions surrounding elective/semi-elective procedures, the impact of COVID-19 on hospital inpatient capacity by region and changes hospitals would like manufacturers to make post-COVID-19. We plan to administer the survey every week, with each edition of the survey offering a glimpse into hospital sentiment over time.

Edition 8 reflects survey results for May 15-21, 2020. The sample size is approximately 100 hospital administrators and clinicians each week across a diverse set of U.S. hospitals.

Stay tuned for future updates

We plan to poll hospital stakeholders again next week in order to provide an updated perspective on healthcare providers’ sentiment and the impact of COVID-19 on hospital operations. We will share our next bulletin with you via email, but feel free to also check our COVID-19 Insights Center. We welcome your feedback on this topic and other topics for further discussion and evaluation in the weeks ahead.

Thank you and please stay safe.

From the senior members of the U.S. L.E.K. Consulting MedTech and Healthcare Services teams:

Jonas Funk, Managing Director
Monish Rajpal, Managing Director
Ilya Trakhtenberg, Managing Director
Sue St. Sure, Managing Director
Kevin Grabenstatter, Managing Director
Sheila Shah, Senior Engagement Manager
Laina Biglow, Engagement Manager
Kemal Yildiz, Consultant 
Jennifer Henry, Associate Consultant

Please reach out to us at COVID19-Survey@lek.com or on our website if you would like to continue the discussion. (Contact us)

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