A behavioural science and data
Introduction to L.E.K. and Accent
Introduction to panel
Our focus is on transport
we conducted a survey
Agenda for webinar
Contemporary behavioural science
A range of psychological phenomena
New social behaviours
Bringing the lockdown to life
What do past habits
Implications for future travel behaviour
Expected consumer behaviour
respondents expect to travel
Transport operators can influence
Older travellers are typically
leisure-related journeys
Key themes for transport operators
COVID-19 will force a paradigm
new potential customer segments
consumer relationship with transport
post-COVID traveller key takeaways
L.E.K. and Accent are here to help

Webinar Recording

The legacy of COVID-19 brings passenger transport operators the greatest challenge they have ever faced, and the key to recovery lies in understanding new passenger behaviours.

L.E.K. Consulting and Accent present new consumer research that leverages behavioural science to provide insight into the mindset of the post-COVID traveller and address the most pressing questions for transport operators and investors today.

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