Executives in the MedTech industry face many critical strategic questions in 2015. To help navigate the road ahead, L.E.K. Consulting shares its views on the current state of the industry, as well as the biggest challenges and opportunities for MedTech companies.

What's the Current State of the U.S. MedTech Industry?

After several years of under-funding, the sector has seen robust investment and an ability for small and mid-sized MedTech companies to successfully raise funds and fuel new innovation that will seed the industry pipeline going forward. Standout winners will be those companies that go beyond incremental improvements to deliver meaningful innovation to drive impact on outcomes and cost reduction.

The last year has also seen some large acquisitions by players that will likely disrupt their respective markets. From Thermo-Life to Zimmer’s acquisition of Biomet, Becton Dickinson’s acquisition of Carefusion, and Medtronic’s acquisition of Covidien — these moves strengthened the market position and relevance of these players. Additionally, this will allow these scale players to amortize the investment in expensive services and platforms that will be required to differentiate and win going forward. As the providers consolidate and seek fewer, deeper partners (to help them across the care continuum), we expect further consolidation in the industry and more challenges among smaller MedTechs.

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