Background and challenge

The client, a global talent acquisition services business, engaged L.E.K. Consulting to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the potential risks and opportunities posed to its operations by artificial intelligence (AI). The core objective was to pinpoint viable AI applications within its business framework and devise a strategic implementation roadmap for these initiatives.  


L.E.K.’s engagement with the client was structured as a three-phase project, designed to meticulously evaluate and address AI-related challenges and opportunities.


  • This phase involved a detailed analysis of the existing value proposition of the client, focusing on identifying both threats and opportunities presented by AI.
  • We concentrated on accelerating growth initiatives, enhancing customer engagement and optimising internal efficiencies, particularly in back-office processes.

Evidence building and prioritisation

  • Collaborating closely with the client’s senior management, L.E.K. facilitated a series of workshops employing red/blue group exercises.
  • The objective was to pinpoint a set of ‘no regret’ initiatives, gathering substantial evidence regarding the expected value generation and feasibility constraints associated with these initiatives.

Execution readiness

  • L.E.K formulated a near-term roadmap and operating model to facilitate the implementation of the initiatives, impacting both existing and newly formed development teams.


The culmination of this project was the delivery of a refined and actionable roadmap for priority AI initiatives. L.E.K.’s strategic guidance included:

  • Identification of specific roles and responsibilities for executing the initiatives
  • Insight into how the existing operating model could be adapted to efficiently deliver these initiatives

This roadmap has empowered the client’s development teams to embed repeatable processes for identifying and prioritising AI initiatives, seamlessly integrating them into the existing delivery model. This strategic approach positions the client to effectively leverage AI for enhanced operational efficiency and competitive advantage in the talent acquisition sector.

The authors would like to acknowledge L.E.K.’s Digital Practice member Liam Carmody for his support and effort in this case.

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