Background and Challenge

A leading MedTech company was planning the launch of a highly anticipated self-monitoring device product in Japan.  However, our Client faced a competitive marketplace despite the novelty of the device; as such, appropriate and effective account coverage and market support was critical for a successful launch of the device. As such, the Client asked L.E.K. to develop a sales operating model, including account segmentation and prioritization as well as sales force allocation, to help support its launch planning.

Approach and Recommendations

We utilized a multi-module approach to developing an effective sales operating model for the device product in Japan, beginning with development of a robust fact-base on underlying demand and purchase dynamics, then segmentation and account prioritization, through to resource allocation, organizational design and implementation planning.  Specifically we did the following:

  • Sized the target market for the device product
  • Developed an in-depth understanding of market dynamics shaping the market for our Client’s device
  • Identified the most attractive customer segments across account types
  • Developed an account targeting plan for the launch of the device product
  • Identified the optimal geographic allocation of the Client’s sales force
  • Determine the most appropriate organizational structure for managing the sales organization


Our project provided the Client with a comprehensive view on the Japan market opportunity, account and purchasing dynamics, servicing requirements of key touchpoints, and sales representative roles, as well as the optimal targeting, size and structure of the sales force.  Our work helped the client better strategize on its sales approach and structure to optimize the success of its business and market launch of the device product in Japan.

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