Background and Challenge

L.E.K. Consulting's client had recently acquired an archery and bow hunting company and was looking to integrate the target with other companies in its portfolio.

Approach and Recommendations

  • Designed new integration plan by functional group:
  • Operations group, to ensure a smooth transition in manufacturing
  • Commercial group, to drive new sales and product development
  • Back-office functions, including HR, finance and legal, and IT, to best support the new organization
  • Identified and outlined key cross-functional efforts, including a new ERP system and facility closures
  • Created a detailed “first 30 days” plan to avoid early pitfalls in the transition process
  • Conducted a synergy review of both cost and revenue synergies


  • The client had a better understanding of how different functional groups played a role in the integration timeline as well as interdependencies between the groups
  • The client was well-prepared for the most disorganized part of the integration process, the first 30 days, with an integration management office
  • Synergies and one-time costs and benefits of the integration were clearly outlined for the client to track