Background and Challenge

L.E.K.'s client, a leading office furniture manufacturer, was facing stagnating sales and profits. Sales were distributed across various channels including office furniture retail stores and dealers, online and in catalogs. We were engaged to design creative solutions that would better enable its sales force and channel partners to sell its products.

Approach and Recommendations

We performed a market and channel assessment to understand the market landscape and the channel profitability vis-à-vis our client. We also conducted an end-consumer needs assessment to segment the market in terms of consumer needs and purchasing behavior. Through this exercise, we defined the segment characteristics and identified opportunities for improved channel support. We then recommended a number of key changes in sales force processes and structure and quantified the financial benefits of implementing these changes. To enable these recommendations and drive sales, we developed a clear blue print detailing the transition process.


Our client gained critical insights on key sales force and channel requirements and unmet consumer needs. We provided a detailed plan to enable our client to meet these needs. In addition, our work provided a clear understanding of the revenue potential of implementing the sales force process and structure recommendations.

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