Background and Challenge

A leading U.S.-based manufacturer of body armor and protective equipment for emergency services had recently acquired a key competitor in Europe to strengthen its market position and gain access to new products.

There were several overlaps to be rationalized and synergies to be captured in the new combined organization. These ranged from capturing new sales opportunities created by a wider product portfolio to implementing sales processes that enabled a joint and coordinated sales effort.

The client needed a clear, practical and integrated commercial strategy to capture the opportunity created by the acquisition.

Approach and Recommendations

  • Teamed up with senior management to define the critical strategic choices that would lead to higher commercial effectiveness for the combined business
  • Prioritized sales opportunities by geographical area, and developed detailed and targeted commercial plans
  • Reviewed key sales process and enablers to recommend an integrated sales approach
  • Developed a new, combined organizational structure for the commercial function
  • Developed pragmatic implementation plans, and established the rhythm for a fast and sustained pace of change


As a result of our work, the client:

  • Set a clear vision of the size and shape of the future opportunity of the new combined business
  • Had frank, open discussions about the future commercial strategy as an integrated team
  • Defined how best to organize in order to capture this future opportunity
  • Agreed on a plan to implement the most critical initiatives
  • Developed the internal capability, tools and governance to successfully deliver on the implementation plan

Identified a combined sales pipeline of  approximately $670 million, or almost three times the size of the combined original pipeline