Background and Challenge

A provider of stone had established a global presence by gaining a foothold in several key industry verticals.  As some market conditions shifted, the client recognized a potential opportunity to enter a new market, realize attractive margins and diversify.

Prior to entering this new market, the company enlisted L.E.K. Consulting to help them with the following:

  • Quantify the market’s commercial outlook
  • Identify the primary market sectors (and regions) to enter
  • Clarify the optimal position in the value chain (e.g., buying reserves or buying an existing business)

Approach and Recommendations

Our team performed a detailed market assessment and identified broad growth opportunities, led by a robust forecast of specific end market segments. We also identified that time to market would be essential to establishing a strong presence before additional entrants emerged. We also made recommendations on the best way for the client to enter the new market.


Based on our research, the company pursued and completed the acquisition of a leading supplier with an advantaged reserves position. Our preliminary acquisition due diligence enabled the company to move quickly when the acquisition target became available, outmaneuvering multiple competitors in the process.

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