Consumer interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle has remained strong over the past decade, buoying retail categories that focus on health and fitness. This includes nutritional supplements, which have enjoyed steady 6% growth since 2005 in the U.S. And after years at the same level, the number of U.S. adults taking supplements has begun to rise, reaching 76% in 2017. 

While nutritional supplements appear to be an attractive category with room for growth, they have been subject to the same seismic shifts as the broader retail market. Specifically, the rising importance of all things digital is placing pressure on some players while simultaneously paving the way for others. 

In this Executive Insights, we examine the four trends that are reshaping the nutritionals landscape. We also discuss which key players stand to win and which ones will be at a disadvantage over the next several years – and the steps these key players can take to shape successful outcomes during this period of industry upheaval.

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