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This episode explores the challenges and opportunities of the coming year, focusing on macroeconomic headwinds, digital transformation, sustainability and generative AI. Partner and European region head Ben Faircloth and Chief Commercial Officer in Europe David Titus express optimism amid geopolitical complexities and market dynamics. The episode underscores L.E.K. Consulting’s deep sector capability and digital expertise, highlighting the need for agility and connectivity to provide clients with informed advice.

Key Points/Topics Covered:

  1. Macroeconomic headwinds and market outlook for 2024
  2. Digital transformation, data analytics and generative AI
  3. Sustainability and resilience across sectors
  4. Organisational capability building in volatile environments
  5. Geopolitical complexities and regionalisation trends

Join us as we uncover the key themes, challenges and opportunities for the year ahead, and gain valuable insights into how L.E.K. is navigating these transformations to best support their clients.

Interested in learning more? Read our full series by visiting L.E.K. Look Forward into 2024.

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