Tom Adams, a first-year associate in our London office, gives insight into his experience navigating L.E.K. Consulting’s interview process and provides preparation tips for potential candidates during recruiting season.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career journey to L.E.K.
I’m currently a first-year associate at L.E.K. I spent most of my life in Gloucestershire, and went to the University of Cambridge, where I pursued an economics degree and then management studies at the Judge Business School. I gained diverse work experiences through internships at various consulting firms, which helped shape my interest in consulting. I stumbled upon L.E.K. through a university workshop on case interviews and decided to apply for an internship. I got a return offer and ultimately joined L.E.K. as an associate.

What was the interview process for an associate role in London like?
The interview process for an associate role in London consists of multiple rounds, including online testing and face-to-face interviews. The online testing included psychometric and math exams. The in-person interviews were case-based, focusing on problem-solving and fit questions. The key was not necessarily getting the right answer but demonstrating structured problem-solving skills. One memorable interview involved market sizing for weddings, where I initially made a humorous mistake. I came up with a good methodology which I’d spoken through very clearly, and when I got to the end and presented the figure to the manager who was doing the interview, he turned to me and said, “Well, that’s great methodology, but are you forgetting something?” I sat there a second and realized that I had market sized as if each person individually had a wedding instead of two people! We chuckled about it, and I think it’s a good example to show that these cases aren’t about being absolutely perfect and getting to a set right answer. It’s about having a structured logical process to get there and also being able to look at it and critically evaluate afterwards.

What did you do specifically to prepare?
Nothing beats live practice. I attended campus events and workshops to gain exposure to case interviews. I engaged in practice sessions with friends of different backgrounds, which I found to be really valuable. I was doing an economics degree at the time but I had friends doing politics degrees and science degrees and it was quite interesting seeing all the different approaches you can take to a problem, and I felt that was really beneficial. I definitely practiced my problem-solving and math skills. I also used an online resource called Case Coach for additional guidance. 

What is life like in the London office? How do you like working here?
Life at the London office is characterized by a culture of ownership, responsibility, and collaboration. From the beginning of my internship, I felt like a valued team member. I was given substantial tasks and not just minor background work. The collaborative work environment fosters both independence and support. L.E.K.’s outcome-driven approach promotes flexibility; the emphasis is on results rather than face time. We also have a thriving social committee that regularly hosts events which receives engagement from everyone across the whole firm, from the most junior associates up to the partners. Overall, I love the culture, flexibility, and social atmosphere at L.E.K.’s London office.

Any advice for those hoping to work at L.E.K.?
Practice problem-solving and math skills extensively, as L.E.K. values quick thinking, logic, and creativity. Attend campus events, workshops, and group problem-solving sessions to hone your skills. During interviews, showcase your personality and what you can contribute to the team. Don’t shy away from showing your full self. Having engaged, inspiring team members which I enjoy working with is something that makes L.E.K. so great, so I think it’s important for anyone who’s thinking of applying to make sure you show us who you are and what you can bring to the table while you’re in the interview.