L.E.K. Consulting is committed to environmental sustainability and is proud to be the first management consulting firm to achieve carbon-neutral status globally, in 2008. The firm pledges to be carbon net zero by 2030 and has embarked on several initiatives and programs to reach this goal. Senior Associate Consultant Tom Rapson tells us why he became involved in L.E.K.’s sustainability efforts and the ways in which we are monitoring and refining our carbon emissions. 

Tell us about your background and career journey at L.E.K. 
I grew up in New Zealand and moved to Sydney to study biomedical engineering at university. I worked as an R&D engineer for a medical devices company before joining L.E.K. I was interested in getting into consulting because of the variety of work the field offers, and I was excited about the opportunity to learn about a range of different industries and influence important business and government decisions. I’ve been on about 30 projects since I started three years ago and have been grateful for the opportunities to make a genuine impact on our work — especially in sustainability and healthcare projects.

How and why did you get involved in environmental/climate initiatives at L.E.K.? 

In New Zealand, there is a real emphasis on protecting and preserving our environment and natural landscapes, so sustainability has always been important to me.

A few years ago, L.E.K. started a global committee called Sustainability@LEK. The committee features “Office Champions” from each L.E.K. office whose goal is to drive local initiatives to reduce the firm’s environmental impact. I joined the committee as Sydney’s Office Champion and worked on a project modeling L.E.K.’s carbon emissions. I have supported the collection of the necessary data to calculate our emissions profile. With these measurements, the team is coming up with strategies and new internal systems to limit our carbon footprint. This is an ongoing project, but we’re already making some great strides.

What achievements are you most proud of in this area? 
In a broad sense, it’s great to work for a forward-thinking company that has been carbon neutral since 2008 and that has clear ambitions to maintain this status and support other organizations in doing the same.

The work that L.E.K. is doing to develop internal systems to measure and limit our emissions is something I’m proud of.

It was great to see the Sydney and Melbourne offices switch to 100% green energy last year. It’s such an easy way to reduce emissions and something all offices in the world can take part in.

L.E.K.’s tree planting initiative is also impressive. The firm is planting a tree in the Shoshone National Forest [in Wyoming] for every existing employee around the globe and for each new person joining.

Do you have any messages for L.E.K.ers — past, present or future? 
It’s important for all of us to be conscious of the impact we have on the environment and the easy ways we can be sustainable. Think about the things you can easily change, whether it’s your diet (you would be surprised how significant beef and dairy’s environmental impact is!), separating your recycling or taking public transport. Every little bit helps.

Another message to present and future L.E.K.ers is that L.E.K. is very supportive of this agenda. If anyone has ideas on how L.E.K. can make more of an impact, the firm is always open to hearing them.