Carbon Neutral Since 2008, L.E.K. Redoubles Commitment to Sustainability in its Operations, as Well as in Research and Services to Clients

BOSTON (July 1, 2021) – L.E.K. Consulting, the global management consulting firm, has pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions in its operations by 2030, the firm announced today. L.E.K. has embarked on a program to both reduce significantly the greenhouse gas emissions that result from its operations and to invest in initiatives that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

L.E.K. has been carbon neutral – offsetting its emissions via the purchase of carbon credits and supporting greenhouse gas reduction initiatives – since 2008.

“Like our clients, we are keenly tuned in to the importance of reducing carbon emissions to society overall. We acted early to understand and address the impact of our carbon footprint, and we are continuing to strive for industry-leading environmental practices by constantly refining our approach to monitoring carbon emissions, being transparent in reporting them and planning initiatives that advance our sustainability goals as well as our clients’,” said L.E.K. Global Managing Partner, Stuart Jackson.

The sustainability strategy L.E.K. has developed via its Environmental Sustainability Committee is based on five pillars for reducing carbon footprint and also engaging employees. The pillars are tracking emissions; offsetting emissions; changing employee behavior; moving to green energy; and continually innovating and engaging on the sustainability and net zero imperative.

More specifically, L.E.K. aims to have its offices that aren’t already powered by renewable energy transferred to sustainable sources in as short a timeframe as possible. The firm will also work with its employees to adopt principles and practices that reduce their carbon emission. Those may relate to travel, hybrid work arrangements and firm and client events. In addition, L.E.K. has a network of “green” committees in each of its offices charged with creating avenues for employees to participate in L.E.K.’s sustainability efforts and help develop and encourage initiatives that reduce carbon footprint.

“We will endeavor to continue and expand intimacy with our clients but take steps to decrease our emissions. We will ask certain questions before traveling that we may not have in the past,” said Jackson.

L.E.K. will also be devoting time, energy and talent to further leadership, best practices development, research and client services in key aspects of sustainability, across the regions and sectors L.E.K. serves. Beyond reducing L.E.K.’s carbon emissions, the firm’s sustainability experts are working with client organizations to help them develop their own carbon reduction plans, adapt to new industry dynamics and put sustainability at the heart of their strategies.

“We have an obligation to work hard to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” Jackson said.

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