Founded in 1983, L.E.K. is one of the best consulting firms in the world by almost any measure. Our teams consistently produce results that exceed client expectations. As a global management consulting firm with more than 1,600 professionals located across five continents, our worldwide presence positions us for continued growth.

Clients come to us not just once, but time and again because we have proven to be an insightful expert and trusted partner. Our people are the best and the brightest driven by three common qualities:

  • Expertise: Our professionals have foundations based on academic excellence and deep, in-market expertise in the world's major industries
  • Drive: We are intellectually curious, willing to look harder for the right answers and unwilling to accept anything less
  • Dedication: Every one of our 1,400+ employees shares a common goal of helping our clients be the best they can be

We commit extraordinary training and mentoring resources to help develop your skills, and foster an environment where you can make a profound impact on organizations around the world.


Let's make an impact. Are you ready?