Consultants are the most senior staff at L.E.K. Consulting, and you are staffed 100% on a single case to which you are assigned. You will be responsible for both managing up (Managers, Partners) and down (Associates). Not only will you be using the skills you acquired getting your MBA by leading, mentoring and coaching every day, but you will be assigned to our clients’ most critical projects: those that focus on growth and the creation of value.

As a Consultant, your role will involve:

  • Deciding on — and driving — the work plan for each case
  • Managing talented teams through leadership and mentorship
  • Solving analytical challenges
  • Identifying critical client issues
  • Assisting with client communications

You’ll be asked to travel less than many other consulting firms would ask — which will allow you to maintain your home life while participating in a true office community — yet you’ll have the opportunity to gain substantial international experience. Not only are many of our projects staffed from around the globe, but we also offer a six-month swap program across all our global offices. Regardless of where in the world you work for L.E.K., the sustainability of your healthy lifestyle will be a top priority. Weekend work is rare, and the number of hours you are expected to work is clearly communicated on every project team, every week, all the way up to the Managing Director level. We also offer extensive support for families, including both primary and secondary paid leave, transitional roles, 1:1 parent coaching, and a Parents’ Network affinity group.

L.E.K. will support your continual growth through an environment of learning and merit-based achievement, including on-the-job training and mentorship from senior leaders and both formal and informal performance feedback, all while being exposed to advanced analytics tools and processes.

Finally, we will provide you with a clearly defined path to promotion for both Manager (two to three years, on average) and Managing Director (four to six years, on average) roles. L.E.K. offers the fastest path from business school to partnership roles of any major strategy consulting firm.

L.E.K. offers Consultants superior, diversified business training. And the immediate management responsibility it will confer on you will quickly prepare you for a leadership and problem-solving role in any business organization.

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