Over the past three years, L.E.K. Consulting (L.E.K.) has undertaken an annual survey of healthcare leaders across key hospitals in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, which includes Southeast Asia (SEA), India, China, Japan, and South Korea. The goal of this survey is to gain a richer understanding of the strategic priorities and challenges of healthcare providers within a complex environment.

This year, we surveyed a range of hospital decision makers from across the APAC region in roles that included the C-Suite as well as heads of nursing, medical, procurement, operations and other departments, in both public and private hospitals.

Several trends have emerged from the responses – a rapidly recovering healthcare system across the region, expanded willingness to invest in better outcomes for staff and patients, and a growing focus on new technology and digital solutions. Each of these trends has a different level of traction across the five regions but are key operational priorities for hospitals as they look ahead to 2024.

In this report, L.E.K. found that healthcare leaders are leveraging a steadily improving financial performance to invest in new medical technologies, cutting-edge treatments, staff safety and operation optimization. 

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