In the sixth segment of our series that examines new growth models for the media & entertainment industry, L.E.K. Consulting examines how the publishing industry can take a page from casual and social gaming companies to develop new revenue models.

L.E.K.’s report includes the following:

  • Shifts in how print media is consumed – and the projected impact that iPads and other digital tablets will continue to have on the publishing industry (book and magazine publishers, as well as retailers)
  • Similarities in business models between the publishing and the casual and social gaming industry
  • Six best practices from the casual and social gaming industry that the publishing industry can use to support growth:
    1. Sell access, not assets
    2. Embed “pay-as-you-go” features into media formats
    3. Capitalize on interactive mobile device capabilities
    4. Leverage the freemium model
    5. Build the customer relationship – and be willing to pay for it
    6. Create a social world
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