A career at L.E.K. can be a rewarding experience on multiple levels, whether it’s through the purpose-driven work we do, the impact we make, or our inclusive and collaborative culture. Manager Brent Wild, a “boomerang” L.E.K.er from Down Under, recently celebrated his five-year milestone. We asked Brent to give us the top reasons he came back and the advantages of a long-term career at L.E.K. 

A welcoming return
I started at L.E.K. in 2011 and worked here for roughly 4.5 years, split across Australia, the United States and London. I decided to take a break in 2015 and worked for a few different companies before COVID-19 hit. I was working at an airline when the pandemic basically put the industry to a halt. At the time, I reached out to our Alumni Network, had conversations with a few partners and the rest is history. I came back last July, and I’ve been here a total of five years now. L.E.K. is special in that you are an important part of the community whether or not you’re currently employed.

The work we do
The type of work we do is an incredibly rewarding aspect of L.E.K. life. We solve the most important challenges an organization is facing. Our clients put their faith in us and that’s exciting. It puts you at the forefront of decision-making and puts you in the minds of stakeholders. The work we do is data driven, technical, analytical and robust. It drives real insights. It is gratifying to work for a company that is known for this. 

Career acceleration
L.E.K. has created multiple opportunities for me to accelerate my career. Having worked at other corporations, I can say that L.E.K. stands out by ensuring team members are on the fast track to get anywhere they want to be. My experience here has given me the confidence to engage with senior executives. This happens much earlier than it would at a corporation outside of L.E.K. I can say this because I’ve lived and breathed it. 

The people
I’ve had the opportunity to work with such intelligent, hardworking and professional individuals … who are also fun! I want to come to work to be challenged but also to enjoy myself, and the people here enable this every day. There is a great balance between embracing colleague relationships while also getting our work done. It’s an exciting and vibrant office culture with a variety of events being facilitated on a regular basis. As someone with an 18-month-old daughter, I’m really excited about Family Day. We also have a fairly young environment, so there are always ways to get out and socialize outside the office. 

International experience
A unique point of differentiation from other firms is our International Swap Program. I took advantage of this and spent time working abroad in the Boston, Atlanta, and Sao Paulo offices. It was an amazing experience to work in other parts of the world and learn about different people and environments. It was a great springboard for my career and personal development.

Work/life balance
Long hours are the elephant in the room when you speak about any professional services firm. It seems to go with the territory. However, L.E.K. is moving mountains to make work/life balance better for its consultants. L.E.K. encourages us to work smarter, not harder, and encourages flexibility. I am proof of this as I came back to L.E.K. with a young family and am able to work from home a lot of the time. I now have time to be home for dinner and my kids’ bath time, which is very important to me and my wife. L.E.K. has come a long way in terms of creating a great home for top talent.