Over the course of my summer internship, I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful and inspiring women at L.E.K.

Before I even stepped foot in the office, one of the women in the cubicle to my right emailed me to welcome me. She has been an informal mentor to me over the summer, advising me on how to file expenses, where to go to lunch, and many other things I never thought about before coming to L.E.K. L.E.K. also arranged a female "buddy" to show me the ropes (particularly when I got stuck in Excel) or just to take me out for coffee. I also was assigned a CDC (career development coach), with whom I would have lunch a few times over the course of the summer. She is an incredibly intelligent woman who somehow manages to seemingly effortlessly balance a dog, wedding preparations, and casework and is certainly an inspiration for me and many other women at L.E.K.!

In addition to informal and formal mentorship opportunities, the L.E.K. Women's Network organized several different events for me to meet the others working at L.E.K., from wine and cheese events to a meet and greet with the new female hires to a detailed presentation on the Women's Network itself and its numerous goals and programs. My L.E.K. experience certainly wouldn't have been the same without it, as it gave me the opportunity to interact with female leaders at L.E.K., as well as learn more about the growing L.E.K. female presence all across the globe. One thing that particularly stood out was that one of L.E.K.'s mothers won Mother of the Year. I also learned that there are many benefits afforded to L.E.K.'s employees - most of which I don't plan to use for at least another decade, but are always comforting and a good indication of the company's approach to its female employees.

The culture and interactions at L.E.K. are incredibly inclusive and welcoming, and I feel it will only become more so with the Women’s Network’s efforts. I'm happy to have been able to spend the summer at this firm and to have met all of these utterly brilliant, driven people. Thank you for a great summer!