L.E.K. Consulting is very pleased to welcome our new Director of Digital Service, Jenny Lieb, to the team! Learn more about her background and L.E.K.’s expanding digital service line.  

Welcome to L.E.K.! Can we start by hearing a bit about your background and journey to L.E.K.? 
Growing up on Long Island, New York, I developed a passion for sailing and skiing. I went to James Madison University in Virginia, where I focused on entrepreneurship and technology. It was during this time that I discovered my natural talent for technology, even though I was often the only woman in my computer coding classes. For 10 years, I worked at Deloitte Consulting, gaining a deep understanding of digital transformation and the significance of user/customer experience. During this time, I got to be a part of their consultant swap program in Mumbai, India where I supported their innovation practice. Seeking further growth, I pursued an MBA at McCombs School of Business in Austin, Texas. My professional journey eventually brought me to Qualtrics, a cutting-edge high-tech startup focused on experience management. I focused on account-based growth strategies. 

Now I find myself at L.E.K., fueled by the excitement of building something new and innovative once again. L.E.K. is making significant strides in the digital arena and I’m excited to work with a team of exceptional individuals.

Can you tell us about L.E.K.’s digital service line offerings? 
Thanks to our strong brand and the fantastic clients we've worked with, we're on a roll. We've completed successful projects with our current clients, and we're ready to take on a lot more. We're growing fast and have a big market in front of us.  We've put a lot of thought into our offerings, making sure they match what our customers want. We've got a bunch of smart solutions, including special services targeted for our private equity clients. Our main goal is to help our clients go digital and use it to their advantage. The digital landscape has become a crucial element when assessing a company’s worth and driving its expansion. We're all about supporting our clients on their digital journey, making sure they thrive in the world of digital and artificial intelligence (AI) transformation.

What is L.E.K. doing to accelerate our digital capabilities? 
We are introducing two external groundbreaking reports — “GenAI Driving Business Performance” and “Enterprise Digital Impact Report”. We surveyed over 1,000 top executives from various industries, and these reports uncover the latest digital and AI trends. We'll use this info to supercharge our team and clients with insights from industry leaders. 

We offer an array of resources, including podcasts, webinars and exclusive sessions with our managing directors and executive network. We are also working on the development of the digital service line, which will include a carefully curated collection of digital tools and technologies which will streamline the search for tailored solutions.

Do you have any advice for aspiring female professionals looking to excel in the consulting industry or digital marketing industry?
Embrace your passion and exude confidence. Seize the opportunity to bring forth your viewpoint. Embrace your strengths and equip yourself for any situation. Preparing well in advance will enable you to be your own best asset and perform at your best. Your distinct experiences and insights are the very assets that will propel you forward in these industries.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your role at L.E.K.? 
When I’m not working with the digital team here at L.E.K., I am spending time with my two little girls, aged 2 and 3, my 6-year-old rescue Rottweiler, and my husband, Adam. We love to spend time either skiing, hiking, and camping in the Utah mountains or on a beach somewhere warm, enjoying the waves and sun.