L.E.K. Consulting is conducting  a study to assess the digital readiness of hospitals across Asia-Pacific (APAC) and provide unique and personalised insights to participants. According to our research, the difference between most and least digitalised hospitals can be as high as 6 points of EBITDA . L.E.K. has developed the Digital Excellence Survey, a diagnostic tool to assess the use of digital, analytics and technologies for external engagement and internal organisation (Figure 1).


Based on the survey results, we measure the digital excellence of healthcare providers on a five-point scale. This study compares industry benchmarks across digital capabilities and processes and highlights areas of improvement for an efficient digital strategy. The insights are customised for each participant and provide a clear, individual road map for digital optimisation (Figure 2).


Based on comparisons to existing benchmarks, you will learn the status of your digital capabilities and receive actionable insights to pave the way for a more digitally enabled future.