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In this episode, we explore the next wave of consolidation in commercial insurance broking and the dynamics driving this global trend. Our host, L.E.K. Consulting Manager Marcela Santacoloma, is joined by L.E.K. experts who offer valuable insights into the international consolidation thesis and its significance.

L.E.K. Partner Sam Halliday and Managing Director Gigi Wong shed light on the drivers behind the consolidation of insurance brokers in domestic markets and the shift towards international expansion. They discuss the value-creation opportunities and shareholder perspectives involved in this strategy. Delving into the intricacies of direct and best practice synergies, they highlight the critical enablers of successful integration in a cross-border buy-and-build strategy.

Key Points/Topics Covered:

  • Consolidation and transformative M&A in commercial insurance broking markets
  • Drivers of and value-creation opportunities in international consolidation strategy
  • Direct and indirect synergies in international consolidation
  • Key enablers of successful integration in a cross-border buy-and-build strategy
  • The impact of technology stack on internationalisation for insurance brokers

Join us as we delve into the complexities and opportunities of the internationalisation of insurance brokers.

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