How can storefront retailers compete effectively when the Internet has created unprecedented price transparency and product availability? L.E.K. Consulting believes that a renewed focus on the customers’ wants and needs can deliver a significant advantage to retailers who truly adopt this practice.

Customer-facing strategies today must go well beyond simply greeting guests at the door or creating enticing storefronts and online home pages. They require retailers to embrace what L.E.K. defines as a new Customer Excellence model that is highly engaged and responsive at every stage of the shopping relationship.

L.E.K.’s new report defines the three successful attributes in retail Customer Excellence and includes:

  • Why retailers must return to basics as the pace of technology advances
  • How retailers can deliver unique value to their core customers
  • Outlining where to begin as you reorient your organization to a Customer Excellence culture
  • Examples of retailers and brands that provide Customer Excellence, including Abercrombie & Fitch, American Express, Apple and Nordstrom
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