The U.S. healthcare landscape is dealing with some big changes as a result of economic, legislative and care-delivery standards. The movement toward a more value-based scheme of care has created widespread changes for every major player from payers to providers, those in healthcare technology and biopharmaceutical companies.

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. takes a look at nine trends driving change in healthcare, how these trends will affect related sectors, and how changes in the overall ecosystem will converge to create a value-based system that seeks to improve clinical outcomes and bend the cost curve. These nine trends include:

  1. The move toward value-based accelerates
  2. Pressure for increased price transparency
  3. The retailization of healthcare
  4. Clinical integration for improved care
  5. System realignment: turning the hospital inside out
  6. Service lines: microcosm for change?
  7. Impact of health exchanges
  8. High-deductible health plans
  9. Personalized medicine moves to the mainstream

From increasing price transparency in a more consumer-centric marketplace to high deductible health plans and the increasing adoption of personalized medicine, L.E.K. finds that if providers embrace the imminent change, they will be better suited to accommodate the needs of their communities and will be better-positioned in the marketplace as consumers make choices.

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