Win in a Dynamic Global Industrials Market

We’re L.E.K. Consulting, a global strategy consultancy working with business leaders to seize competitive advantage and amplify growth. We help industrial producers, manufacturers, distributors and service companies:

  • Define and execute growth strategy
  • Execute value-creating deals
  • Develop a more effective commercial model
  • Assess digital readiness and design technology-enabled strategies
  • Improve operational and organizational effectiveness

Take informed strategic action


Harness digital technology for success

We can help your industrial business find ways to:

  • Embed connectivity and intelligence into products and services
  • Bring greater flexibility and responsiveness to all stages of the customer journey
  • Apply advanced analytics, robotics or automated equipment to supply chain and manufacturing operations
  • Make work more efficient while improving decision-making and governance processes

Master “the art of the possible” with digital capabilities

Rethink your status quo operating model

We collaborate with you on a digital supply chain and production strategy that lets you:

  • Prioritize opportunities to enhance your operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify technology trends that threaten your role in the value chain
  • Use operational capabilities to access attractive new markets
  • Enhance operations with greater computing power and advanced analytical tools 
  • Collaborate with supply chain partners to innovate and create mutual value

Gain clarity on where to deploy new technologies in your supply chain and production process

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