Upon entering 2017, the Community Impact Committee at L.E.K. decided that the first quarter initiative would be around health and wellness. Throughout our research to find partnering organizations, Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD) was one of the organizations that stood out. PYD was an incredible fit with the health and wellness initiative as they have a particular focus in supporting the strengths and abilities of youth with disabilities. Their focus on creating a positive outlook of health and wellness for everyone in the community is why we felt compelled to get involved with the organization.


Through engaging with PYD’s volunteer coordinator, there was great enthusiasm on both sides to plan a fun and active event. After some deliberation we chose to play dodgeball, a game that the youth at PYD don’t typically participate in. When the L.E.K. volunteers first arrived to the event with dodgeballs, the youth lit up with excitement for this activity. There was little time wasted before everyone went upstairs to the court to play!


After getting to the court, the rules were explained and everyone counted off 1, 2, 1, 2… until the teams were made and the games could begin! Multiple games were played over the next hour and the PYD youth had such a good time that they didn’t want to stop playing. Unfortunately, the court was closing so everyone got together for a picture and to say goodbye, where one of the PYD youth even asked if we could come back as soon as next week. This enthusiasm made us realize that sometimes a simple game of dodgeball can go a long way in improving the health and wellness of everyone involved!