Fun, exciting, thrilling, different yet the same, far yet close, challenging yet comfortable, my swap to Boston was, in a nutshell, a great experience!

I took the plane from Paris mid-June for Boston, and after a week of apartment hunting, I started at 75 State Street by Monday 19th June. A couple days of CD then there I was working on my different cases, from paperless marketing communications to drilling tools to playgrounds and one corporate LS case (pretty much my first LS case).

Of course, a swapee’s timetable is filled with much more than case work! Since day one, I was welcomed by the best swap family :) that took the swap experience to a whole other level. From the hiking trips to Zion Park and Yosemite to the country music tour in Nashville and thanksgiving weekend in New Orleans without forgetting the Friday and Saturday nights out in Boston, some great memories have been engraved.

I am thankful for this great experience, and cannot recommend the swap experience highly enough both personally and professionally!