As a new associate at L.E.K., I could not be happier with the direction my life has gone in the last two months. Two months ago I knew little about management consulting, let alone L.E.K. I was in an engineering role because I thought that was the next step I was supposed to take after getting my engineering degree. My job entailed designing jet engines, which was interesting, but I felt like something was missing. Engineering became very monotonous for me and I did not wake up feeling excited for the day ahead. I thought another path might suit me better, but I was really unsure of what that path should be. Meeting an associate at L.E.K. opened my eyes to a company and industry I briefly knew about beforehand.


This Associate clearly enjoyed his job and the more he described L.E.K. and strategy consulting, the more I wanted to learn. I found some of the most intriguing things about L.E.K. to be the focus on strategic insight, short term projects, and commitment to helping the community. I became seriously interested in L.E.K. and I asked my parents for advice. They said, “Does this seem like an opportunity or just another option?” and I immediately realized that I needed to pursue this opportunity. I submitted my resume, started case interview prep, and the next thing I knew I was getting ready for training.


During the first day of training, I quickly confirmed that this was in fact the right choice for me. All of the people I met during training were incredibly smart, friendly, and from all different backgrounds. Everyone brought different skillsets to the table, but the ability to work and succeed as a team was apparent. We learned about what it meant to be part of L.E.K., bonded over some incredible meals, and enjoyed multiple social events. It was evident to me from the beginning that L.E.K. makes it a priority to treat their employees well. From beer cart Friday, to summer outings, to charity auctions and cocktail parties, I saw that L.E.K. cared about the employee’s happiness just as much as getting the work done.


Ending training and getting assigned my first case was a little nerve-wracking but extremely exciting. I love the fact that every couple weeks I learn about a whole new industry, sometimes even one I would never think about otherwise. So here I sit today, going from designing jet engines to currently doing a case on fertilizer, and I wouldn’t change a thing.