I had a fantastic time working as a summer consultant with L.E.K. Consulting in the Los Angeles office. My internship was highly rewarding, and as I reflect on the experience I had over the last nine weeks, many reasons come to mind as to why I enjoyed it.

One of the things I most enjoyed during my internship was being able to apply many of the concepts I’ve learned and practiced as an MBA student. Through the summer, I was able to work on three dynamic cases with clients from different industries. In each work stream I owned in those cases, I was able to apply concepts I had learned or honed in my first year as I sought to help crack the case. From conducting regression analyses to determine which promotions were effective at driving spending at a sporting venue, to recommending the business model a company should use to enter geographies with varied competitive landscapes, to crafting the story as to why the oft-contested operations of a business unit were value-add, I found myself applying these concepts every day of my internship. Additionally, as I integrated my work with the work of my teammates, I found myself learning even more. I would often walk away with an even deeper understanding of concepts I had learned in school as a result of the rich discussions my team would have during case meetings.

That leads me to another key reason I enjoyed the internship—L.E.K.’s approach to teamwork. One of the things that stood out to me is just how “flat” teams could feel, with everyone on the team being invited to help crack the case, bring ideas to the table, and share their thoughts on what direction the case should go. As an intern, my ideas were welcomed and I felt like a true member of the teams I was on. The managers and managing directors I worked with embraced truly collaborative discussions with their teams, which helped support the feeling that you can truly have an impact as an intern. The team experiences were so consistent across the three teams I worked on during my internship and that was impressive as well.

While these are a few of the main reasons I enjoyed my summer with L.E.K., the list of reasons why L.E.K.’s summer consultant internship is a great opportunity is much longer. I highly recommend that any MBA students interested in management consulting, or in a rewarding internship more generally, consider L.E.K. Consulting on their career paths.