“Having studied and traveled extensively in France, I decided during my A2 year that working in my favorite city of Paris was the best possible next step for me (plus who wouldn’t want to spend summer until Christmas in Paris?) I boarded a plane Saturday afternoon in Boston, landed in France on Sunday afternoon, and was in the office on Rue Paul Cézanne to start my Paris swap on Monday morning.

Throughout my whirlwind six months in the Paris office, I worked on 7 cases with teams from all four European offices on topics from zoo regulations to baby sleeping bags to dental implants. Working almost exclusively in French, my second language, was a new challenge for me as a native English speaker and gave me new appreciation for all the global L.E.K.ers who work in multiple languages every day! I learned so much over six months and also got to experience the move into the new Paris office... and the few caffeine-reduced days following when the Nespresso machines hadn’t been unpacked yet!

But as is always the case with L.E.K., it’s the people that make all the difference. Since I’d spent two years in one of the largest global offices in Boston, it was great to work in a tight-knit office of 80. I struggled through group Pilates class on Tuesday afternoons, had Friday night after-work drinks at the famous Hortense, and went to the Christmas dinner at Plaza Athenée and summer outing in the south of France (the latter of which featured a “disguise” theme when everyone in attendance, including MDs, wore crazy wigs during dinner!) I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to challenge myself and take advantage of all Paris has to offer!”