In this video, Rob Wilson explains what ecommerce, omnichannel and direct-to-consumer organizations need to know to succeed and thrive.

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Read a transcript of the video below:

When setting up for Ecommerce, omnichannel, or direct-to-consumer, we often hear that it takes a different DNA for that type of organization to succeed and it's because the day-to-day work is much different than we're used to in traditional brick-and-mortar. Just taking price changes as an example might happen multiple times in a single day versus a couple of times in a month. And you just need to have your people, your processes, and your technology set up such that you can move in that nimble fashion and that you have the decision rights established such that people can make decisions quickly and move on. You can't be afraid to make mistakes in this space because, things do move very quickly. But one thing that you can't do is have inertia and sitting on your hands, not moving fast enough to keep up.

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