Anne Dhulesia picks her two key themes for life sciences in 2022. Tune in to hear how advanced therapies will deliver ever more complex molecules to patients while artificial intelligence continues to realise its potential across the sector.

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My name is Anne Dhulesia. I'm a Partner in the life sciences practice of L.E.K. and I spend my time in London and in Paris. So in 2022, 2 key themes for me at least.

One, first is advanced therapies. So this is anything around cell and gene therapy and are in vaccines are in different aesthetics very kind of complex molecules being delivered to the patients. We see a lot of activity from a research perspective in clinical trials. So testing these therapies in patients and a few of these therapies have already reached the market and therefore we anticipate a lot of questions around how to best commercialize these advanced therapies.

And we help clients with a couple of key, really important topics. How do you make sure that the right patients get access to these advanced therapies? How do you price these therapies in a way that's going to have entrust access? And how do you make sure of course that the therapies are delivered in a very safe environment? Relatedly to advanced therapies, there's the manufacturing or bio-processing angle which is key. This is anything from the very early days of the development of a therapy is on whatever tools that are readily suited for the research in the lab that basically allow the discovery of these therapies. How you do your events can up these processes all the way through development.

And then once the drug comes on the market, how do you make sure that the drug can be produced in quantities that are high enough to actually serve the patients that are waiting for the therapy. But what we help our clients think through are what types of processes should they set up in their own labs? What are the processes should they outsource to different players in the life sciences field? And if so, who should they choose to partner with?

So the second theme for 2022 is around artificial intelligence in healthcare. So AI or Artificial Intelligence has some potential across healthcare into the very broad sense of healthcare. But today I'd like to talk about AI in drug discovery. So as we know, AI has the promise of getting drugs to market faster and cheaper. And this is not a small undertaking given that drugs can be very complex to actually push for clinical trials and even from the very early stages of development.

So what we do in the AI space for our clients that tend to be kind of newcomers to the healthcare space very often are to help them determine how they should set up themselves. Which are the business models they should pursue and how they can make themselves famous in the life sciences field.

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