Rapid changes in the biopharma industry are making it increasingly difficult to launch new products successfully. Especially challenging are novel treatment modalities such as gene and cell therapy, the increased use of biomarkers, and expanded requirements to demonstrate economic value. In addition, biopharmas must navigate the declining access to physicians, digitalization, intense competition and the need to launch globally to maximize revenues. 

Faced with such challenges, biopharma companies must optimize their product launch planning and execution process to ensure successful launches of strong products, as covered in our previous piece, Key Indicators of a Successful Biopharmaceutical Launch

L.E.K. Consulting has identified five key levers for biopharma launch success, which consist of early preparation, structured and flexible planning, organizational alignment, continuous readiness assessment and the right team. 

In this episode, we will discuss: 

  • The key market and product dynamics for a product launch 
  • Critical product launch success factors and an organization’s focus on them 
  • Preparation and planning for a product launch 
  • Organizational alignment and readiness 

To provide insights on these topics, Peter Rosenorn, Managing Director and Partner in L.E.K. Consulting’s Boston office; Sean Dyson, Partner in L.E.K. Consulting’s London office; and Jenny Mackey, Director of the Healthcare Insights Center at L.E.K. Consulting, discuss the Five Essential Factors for a Successful Biopharma Product Launch.

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