New technologies and business models will transform transport in the coming decades. The changes will be as profound as the shift from the horse and cart to motor vehicles at the beginning of the last century. We are already in the early stages of this transition with rideshare, dockless bikes, e-bikes and scooters, and transport related apps achieving widespread adoption.

These changes will accelerate in coming years with significant electrification of the vehicle fleet looking increasingly likely starting in the next decade, and a shift to autonomous and connected vehicles commencing later in the same period.

Adoption of these technologies offers the potential for a vastly better consumer experience, better use of transport infrastructure, increased passenger (and non-passenger) safety and reduced environmental impacts. This in turn will impact both city liveability and competitiveness. For these reasons it is important to monitor and track the progress of different Australian state governments in their new mobility policy agenda.

This report, the first of its kind, seeks to benchmark each of the major states in Australia in terms of their policies and progress for embracing new mobility.

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