Never before have CEOs been confronted by more challenging economic, market, technology and cultural forces. With change moving at the exponential rate of technology, expectations for the top role are higher than ever, and the time for delivering is shorter.

The high turnover rate among CEOs clearly indicates the need for a new type of leader: CEO 4.0, a leader who is capable of managing new critical tensions, as well as the traditional responsibilities of the corner office.

In this Executive Insights, London Partners John Goddard and Aubry Pierre explore five strategic tensions faced by CEOs and explain what it takes to overcome the barriers to success:

  1. Managing disruptive innovation…while leveraging the company’s core strengths
  2. Pursuing cost leadership…and differentiating for value
  3. Exploiting global opportunities…and managing risk
  4. Responding rapidly to opportunity…while ensuring high quality
  5. Drawing in new talent…and integrating a cohesive team

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