Background and Challenge

For more than 20 years L.E.K. Consulting has been a trusted advisor to a leading global biotechnology company in R&D, business development, strategic planning and global marketing.  Three of our representative engagements – of more than 50 total – for this client, include:

  • Geographic expansion and market access strategy: We were engaged by the client to step-up its presence in an important emerging market. We conducted a rigorous analysis of the market and the growth opportunity for the client. We used this analysis to develop a strategic plan and roadmap for sustained growth – the roadmap strengthened the client’s local capabilities (R&D, business development, manufacturing and commercial) and competitive position in this large and growing market.
  • Franchise growth through M&A: We were engaged by the client to support a franchise growth strategy. We worked closely with the client to evaluate the option of expansion through M&A and helped the client conduct commercial due diligence on a promising acquisition target. We recommended that the client do the deal. The client acquired the target company and the acquisition proved to be critical to the franchise’s long-term success.
  • Regulatory and product marketing support: We were engaged by the client’s clinical, regulatory, and commercial teams to assist with the development of an optimal path for approval of one of the client’s innovative, but complex product candidates. We provided clinical and regulatory support, and subsequent to product approval, we worked closely with the client’s commercial organization to drive uptake of the product – the product has achieved strong year-on-year revenue growth and has been a bellwether product in a promising new technology area.


We have helped this client with important strategic and tactical decisions through most of its development. During this time, our client has grown from a small biotech start-up into a well diversified, multi-billion dollar global market leader and is considered a benchmark of success in the biotech industry.

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