L.E.K. Consulting Helps Performing Arts Organization Position Itself for Broader Philanthropic and Community Support

BOSTON (July 22, 2019) – L.E.K. Consulting, a global management consulting firm, has completed a pro bono strategy project on behalf of Boston’s Boch Center to help the nonprofit performing arts organization ensure a broad population of lifetime devotees who will benefit from and support the Boch Center’s programs.

The Boch Center operates and is the guardian of Boston’s storied Wang and Shubert Theatres, which are home to theater, classical and popular music, opera, musicals, dance and other performing arts. It also runs numerous education and community outreach initiatives and collaborations designed to inspire appreciation for art, culture and creativity. The Boch Center is located in Boston’s theater district, about a mile from L.E.K.’s Boston headquarters.

L.E.K. brought to bear its expertise in consumer-led strategy and entertainment to help create a roadmap for the Boch Center to expand its connection with millennial and younger audiences and philanthropists. The project outlined how the organization can further cultivate the involvement and support of various cohorts of millennials, including young parents, art lovers and people wishing to expand their social networks.

As part of the work, L.E.K. undertook a survey of Boston-area art lovers, interviews with peer organizations around the country and working sessions with the Boch Center’s leaders.

“Because the Boch Center relies on philanthropy for a significant part of its operating budget, it must find ways to bond with and serve up-and-coming generations whose connection with, enjoyment in and commitment to the organization can grow over time,” said L.E.K. Managing Director and Boston office head Rob Haslehurst, a consumer-sector Partner at L.E.K. who co-led the project. “It has been an honor to help this important, world-class institution make the right investments in the future so it will always be able to bring performing arts to life for audiences of all ages.”

Said Josiah Spaulding, President and CEO at the Boch Center, “We are grateful for L.E.K.’s valuable contribution to the future of our institution and our mission to support the vitality of the performing arts and make it a bigger part of the lives of Boston-area residents and visitors.”

About L.E.K. Consulting
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About The Boch Center
The Boch Center is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit performing arts institutions and a guardian of the historic Wang and Shubert Theatres. As New England’s largest cultural venue, the Boch Center is home to theater, classical and popular music, dance, comedy, opera, Broadway musicals, family entertainment, and more.

Located in Boston’s historic Theater District, the Boch Center also offers a diverse mix of educational and community outreach initiatives, including the City Spotlights Leadership Program and ArtWeek; collaborates with artists and local nonprofit arts organizations; preserves historic venues; and acts as a champion for Greater Boston’s arts and cultural community. Learn more at bochcenter.org.